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Nutrition and exercise coaching designed to fit seamlessly into your life


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Put the Pieces Together

Discover a way of eating and living that will get you to your goals–and help keep you there


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Love What You Eat

Life is about joy, and that includes what you eat; I’ll never ask you to eat foods you don’t enjoy



Control Your Own Time

A plan that fits into your life, based on your schedule and preferences


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Find Your Energy & Vibrance

Let go of thought patterns that don’t serve you, and turn your mind into your best friend

Hi, I'm Michelle

You have unique circumstances and lifestyle, busy with commitments to school, work, family, or all of the above, and you put yourself last too often. However, it IS possible to be busy AND feel good—while avoiding burnout. If you are always giving, you eventually become empty, and so it is vital that you give to yourself in a healthy, sustainable way before you give to others.

My Ideal Forms System will work for you because it is entirely based on you.

Together, we’ll discover the smallest habit changes you can implement to create the biggest impact on your body, mindset, and life, uncovering the image you’ve been searching for in the mirror and sky-rocketing your confidence. We’ll replace instead of eliminate habits, so you know exactly which steps to take to progress forward.


Life is about joy, and loving what you see in the mirror will fundamentally change how you approach life.


$99 one-time payment


Initial Skype consultation

One-time Meal Plan Template, based on a single habit change that will create the most powerful impact for you

Members-only Email Newsletter

Nutrition Guidebook

Monthly Workout Plan (not individualized)

Access to the How-To Video Library

Choose Plan

$199 per month (min. 3 months)



Everything in Cultivate package PLUS

Continuous customized meal plans

Habit-change review and plan tweaking as needed

Check-in call (60 min) every other week

Access to two “Office Hours” sessions per month

Email check-ins every week

Initial Exercise Form-Check

Measurement and progress tracking

Choose Plan

$299 per month (min. 3 months)



Everything in Blossom package PLUS

Check-in call (60 min) every week

Access to “Office Hours” sessions every week

Access to one “Office Hours” session per month

Email check-ins twice a week, or as needed

Customized Exercise Training Plan

Exercise Coaching Included

Exercise Form-Checks once per month, or as needed

Text-message access

VIP Status: Your emails/messages/calls get priority and are answered FIRST

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My Blog

In my personal time I like to write and help people as much as I can, so that’s why from time to time I will write articles related to dieting, nutrition, exercises and so on. Hope you’ll like and appreciate them.



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